About Us

Our firm is committed to providing our clients with a level of service that is second to none in the home-building industry. We are professionally licensed with the State of Georgia. We are members in good standing with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. We are passionate about meeting, and usually exceeding, our clients expectations. We employ only the best trades in the field and we have a proprietary management process that ensures we achieve outstanding results. 

        How do we achieve these lofty results? We deliver on our promises. Before, during and after construction, Neoclassical Builders is single-mindedly focused on ensuring that the home-building process is a positive experience for our clients.  We focus on the myriad, and sometimes daunting, details involved in the home-building process. We recognize that building your dream home is as much about execution as it is about inspiration.  We are passionate about achieving excellence on both of these critical areas for our clients.

        What else makes us special? We take the time to help our clients understand the process of building a home—from site selection to floor plan development; from designing outstanding curb appeal to delivering the “WOW” factors in the interior finishes. We listen to your needs and translate that into a wonderful end product. We believe that details matter greatly in determining the quality and “livability” of a home. Neoclassical Builders’ reputation is based on utilizing best practices in residential construction and employing true craftsmen and artisans in all trades to build your dream home. Our staff and our trades people know our expectations of quality and they deliver every time.  A successful project is only achievable through rigorous planning and active project management. We believe that an engaged builder will minimize surprises and ensure the house is built on time and on budget while never sacrificing on quality. 

In summary, we recognize and appreciate that there are few greater investments in your family, and your future, than building a home uniquely crafted to suit your specific needs. We are builders you can trust.   Throughout the home-building process we say what we do and do what we say. Choose us and you will enjoy the home-building process and you will have the new home of your dreams.

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